Why your Business needs an Ad Tracking program

Every business must advertise.

The more effective your ads - the greater your profits.

So how do you make your ads more effective?

There's only two factors

1. The content - the words you use in your headline and the body

2. The location where you place your ad

And, as the expert marketers will tell you, by constant experimenting, changing, tweaking and testing you'll eventually find the best combination.

Simple as that.

Except for one thing.

How do you carry out the testing ?

As visitors flock to your website how do you know which ad has brought them there ?

Are they coming from

  • a banner ad
  • a newsgroup ad
  • a signature tag
  • a published article
  • a free link posting
  • an autoresponder campaign
  • a reciprocal link
  • an affiliate program
  • a free classified ad
  • an ezine ad
  • a forum posting
  • an email marketing campaign
Wouldn't you like to know
  • which of these received the best response
  • whether free classified sites are worth the effort
  • which ezines are the most profitable
  • how a sponsored ezine ad compares to the standard one
  • whether animated banners are better than static ones
  • how effective are your email signatures: does the one with the word "free" in the headline fare best
  • does the ad at the start of an ezine outperform the one at the end
  • and so on

There's only one way to find out the answers to all these questions and to really know the effectiveness of every single ad, banner, link that you run.

You MUST use an ad tracking program.

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