Reviews of the major Ad Tracking programs

There are 2 main types of ad tracking program:

Tracking Software: these programs run at your own site

Tracking Services: these programs run at the site of the supplier

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A further option is to use a tracking program which comes included in a package of tools. See this section

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Here is a summary of these programs. Prices and features are subject to change so please check ordering information at each site for latest update.

Trackers come and go so, for the record, we have listed ones we no longer recommend - you will see the reasons when you click through.


Tracking Software

Tracking Services

1. AdTrackZ Gold
top choice Top choice

12. Click/Counter Tracker

No longer recommended

2. DynaTracker

3. KaizenTrack

4. ProAnalyzer

5. AdMinder

10. HyperTracker

11. Linktrack

13. ClickMagick

15. AdTrackZ Gold
top choice Top choice

16. AnyTrack
new New - with unique features

No longer recommended

6. AdWatcher

7. ClickAlyzer

8. ezTrackZ

9. GoToProduct


14. TrackingDesk

1: AdTrackZ Gold

Price $77
Installation free
Trial/Guarantee 60 days money-back guarantee
Demo available Yes
Main features

Note: The original AdTrackZ has been completely rewritten with powerful new features and is now AdTrackZ Gold available as both tracking software and a tracking service.

Click HERE to read a special review on why this is our number one choice

More Information AdTrackZ Gold

5: AdMinder

Price $19.95 per month
Trial/Guarantee Free one month trial (no obligation)
Demo available No
Main features 1. Option to track all "Actions" - including sales activity - by inserting HTML

2. At a glance summary of all campaigns

3. Notification when scheduled ads are going to start or end

4 Export of stats data

More Information AdMinder

10: HyperTracker

Price $14.95 per month (if paid yearly)

$16.95 per month (if paid 6-monthly)

$19.95 per month (if paid monthly)

Trial/Guarantee 30 days money-back guarantee
Demo available Yes - can create your own free campaigns with restricted features
Main features 1. Option to track sales activity by inserting HTML

2. Ad rotation of up to 128 Urls: allows split-run testing to find best-selling products

3. Daily/weekly reports by Email

4. Export of stats data

5. Advanced duplicate protection improves accuracy of click reporting (detects multiple sales/actions or refreshes from the same person)

6. Alerts system warns of problems with target URLs

More Information HyperTracker

11: Linktrack

Price $6.95 per month (Personal account)

$24.95 per month (Professional account)

Trial/Guarantee Free version with restrictions
Demo available No
Main features

1. Email alerts when your links are clicked,

2. Links that expire when you want them to,

3. Password protected links

4. Plus+ tracking feature (equivalent to sub-campaigns)

More Information Linktrack

12: Click/Counter Tracker

Price $49.95
Trial/Guarantee 60 days money-back guarantee
Demo available No
Main features

1. Track clicks, visitors, or measure conversion rates.

2. Logs all click/visitor activity and allows later review, including detection of duplicate clicks due say to competitors clicking on your ads, attempted click fraud, etc.

3. Provides summary statistics on all counters & trackers.

4. Split-test multiple sales letters (easy to integrate with ClickBank) or squeeze pages to find the most effective one.

5. Automatically distribute traffic between sales letters or squeeze pages in a split test.

6. Option to deactivate ineffective sales pages in a split test and continue testing others.

More Information Click/Counter Tracker

13: ClickMagick

Price $12, $33, $66 per month depending on volume.
Trial/Guarantee 14 days free trial
Demo available No
Main features

1. 3 different kinds of advanced link rotators

2. Easy setup of A/B split tests

3. Cloaks and tracks links, traffic and conversions

4. Click Fraud Monitoring

5. Can add custom pop ups, timers and other content to any page - even affiliate links and sites you don't control

6. GEO and mobile targeting

More Information ClickMagick

15: AdTrackZ Gold

Price $19.95 per month
Remaining information as for the software (hosted) version above

16: AnyTrack

Price $50, $150, $300 per month depending on volume and features.
Trial/Guarantee 14 days free trial
Demo available Yes - a Free Plan to track one site and one affiliate network.
Main features

1. No need to change your affiliate links.

2. Track "on-site" engagements and affiliate conversions back to your Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook ads account

2. Built-in API Integration with ClickBank and 50+ Affiliate networks.

3. Track form submissions and integrate with Email marketing platforms.

4. Instant tracking for ClickFunnels, Unbounce, Instapage, Wordpress.

5. Webhooks notifications to pass conversion data to third party business apps (Mailchimp, Convertkit, ActiveCampaign).

More Information AnyTrack

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