Ad Tracker FAQ

1. Can you track which Urls result in sales ?

Yes: some ad tracking programs have an option to track specific 'actions' within your web site - such as a sales order. This is done by adding some HTML code to the page being tracked, which would be the 'Thank You' page for a sale. These include

Tracking Software: AdTrackZ , DynaTracker , ProAnalyzer,

Tracking Services: AdMinder, HyperTracker

Tracking a sale for an affiliate program is not possible with this method as access is not possible to the 'Thank You' page. You need a program which can follow the path of a visitor on to another site, for example ClickAlyzer

2. How can you track which payperclick (PPC) keywords result in sales ?

Use an ad tracker which can record sales. Then submit to the PPC a different tracking URL for each keyword.

3. Can you have your domain name in the tracking Url ?

Tracking software (programs which run on your own site) always use your domain name. For example AdTrackZ and ProAnalyzer

Tracking services (programs which run at a 3rd party site) generally use the domain name of that site for example

however you do have the option of using your domain name with AdMinder and HyperTracker

4. Can you shorten or disguise a tracking Url ?

If you have a tracking Url looking like this

then you can replace it with a shorter Url such as

by creating a 'redirect' file new.htm using this code

<meta http-equiv="refresh"
content="0"; url=

Some programs will create this code for you.