Website Optimization

Once you have optimized the methods of bringing visitors to your site using ad tracking programs you will want to optimize the effectiveness of your web pages.

Here are two products designed for this very purpose.

Spy Visit

This web analytics tool allows you to "spy" on what each visitor does on your website.

Once you know exactly how your visitors are navigating your pages you will be able to implement changes which will increase your sales, leads and CTR.

Key features include:

  1. Visitor Mouse Movements Recordings
    • Using video recording, you can see exactly what website visitors are doing on your website.
  2. Clicks Heat Maps
    • See what website visitors are clicking on your website instead of what "you think" they are clicking.
  3. Eye-Tracking Heat Maps
    • See where website visitors are looking at on your website.
  4. Scroll Heat Maps
    • See how far visitors scroll so they don’t miss anything important!
  5. Real-Time Reporting
    • See what website visitors do at all times.
  6. Works perfectly with Google Analytics
    • SpyVisit is 100% compatible with Google Analaytics. You will get even more data using both!

For more information visit Spy Visit

Split Test Pro

Simple changes to a web page such as the wording on a heading or on a buy button can make huge differences to the response.

This tool allows you to test up to 4 different web pages at the same time to discover which version performs best.

For more information visit Split Test Pro